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02/13/2004: "Books to Become a Pinko?"

I found a large list of suggested reading for leftist authoritarianism. So I'm putting it here so that it's around for reference when I'm at the library or whatnot... the list kinda reads like "How To Be A Red". Heh. I like it.

If you have any of these books... can I borrow please? The long list of books to read


Peter Scowen - Rogue Nation

Benjamin Barber - Jihad vs McWorld
A political scientist argues that intolerant tribalism and international consumerism is a dangerous brew.

Howard Zinn- A Peoples History of the United States
A professor emeritus of political science at Boston University lets blacks, native Americans, women and laborers tell their own story.

Thomas Frank - One Market Under God
An attack on extreme capitalism and market worshippers.

George Monbiot
- The Age of Consent: a manifesto for new world order
- Captive State
- Anticapitalism

Emma Goldman - Anarchism and other Essays
Compelling work by the ground-breaking libertarian socialist and feminist.

Al Franken - Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them
Hypertensive conservatives might want to take some medication before reading this one.

Ivan Illich - Deschooling Society
Seminal work by this radical social critic.

Nils Christie - Crime Control as Industry
An eye-opening challenge to crime & punishment hardliners.

Pierre Bourdieu - On Television
The prominent French sociologist attacks dumbing down and the corporatised information industry

Joseph Stiglitz - Globalisation and its Discontents

Naomi Tutu (editor)- The Words of Desmond Tutu
Selections from the Nobel Peace Prize winner's speeches, sermons and writings

William Blum - Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower
Critics will call this a one-sided book; but it is an invaluable corrective to the establishment portrait of America as the world's greatest force for peace.

Michael Moore - Stupid White Men
Caustic and funny attack on corporate America and political hypocrisy by the Tom Paine of our age

George Orwell
- 1984
- War is Peace
- Ignorance is Strength
- Freedom is Slavery

Naomi Klein - No Logo
A devastating critique of globalisation, and arguments for change

Eric Schlosser - Fast Food Nation
Eye-opening investigation into the inner workings of unregulated or marginally regulated business and industry.

Thomas Paine
- The Rights of Man - Literally the first serious formulation of human rights as a political concept
- The Age of Reason - An often hilarious and thoroughly readable rebuff of church dogma and Old Testament morality

Noam Chomsky
- Secrets, Lies and Democracy
- The Prosperous Few and the Restless many
- What Uncle Sam Really Wants

Ralph Nader
- Cutting Corporate Welfare - Nader attacks what, for some right-wingers, is the acceptable aspect of welfare.
- The Ralph Nader Reader - A diverse and provocative read

Greg Palast - The Best Democracy Money can Buy
This investigative work by a former student of Milton Friedman unearths uncomfortable information for those who hold that what's good for the corporations is inevitably good for us all.

Peter Kropotkin - Mutual Aid : A Factor of Evolution
Co-operation rather than competition is the key to survival according to this naturalist's fascinating take on Darwinism.

Tariq Ali - Masters of the Universe
Student radical turned journalist and film maker

J. K. Galbraith - The Affluent Societyst in the world
His Keynesian economic approach looks more radical in these days of neo-liberal orthodoxy

P J O'Rourke - Eat The Rich

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels - The Communist Manifesto
Hugely important for some social libertarians and most social authoritarians significantly on the left. National leaders in the latter camp have generally attempted to make the state stronger, rather than work towards the Marxian principle that it should gradually wither away.


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02/13/2004: Books to Become a Pinko?

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