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02/14/2004: "1:26 am - Do you know where *YOUR* drink is?"

Happy Boston Lee Day!

I must admit that I didn't actually purchase all the booze required to make a Boston Lee. I would have required Hungarian Pear Brandy + Coconut Rum + Limon Rum + Peach Schnapps + Cherry Whiskey + Orange Juice + Crushed Ice.

I have added booze to OJ & ice while singing all songs as per the "Lee Karaoke Rule" so I think I'm still honoring the tradition of Friday The 13th as best I can. Jay & Bert are sipping "brewskies" while pretending to be bouncy girly beach volleybally players - they are in need of immediate assistance.

Boston Lee Day is the highlight of my month when it happens. At this moment in time, I miss Bart's on Broadway in Regina. Boo me if you will, but hell, that's just the way it goes in my Universe.

I was at my painting class earlier tonight. It's much fun - I think I could do this more than once every five years now. Anywho, Jason showed up at class and knocked on the door of our studio, then came on in since he's more than familiar with where his wife spends most of her time. Anywho, he later noted that EVERYONE with exception of the one person he needed to talk to (me I'd think) spun around and stared at him in silence. Our substitute instructor for the night (who is actually my pottery instructor - weird coincidence) welcomed him in since they know each other. The instructor had to nudge me to get my attention, and everyone was staringat him other than his dazed me, and of course I didn't notice the tall dark man because I was tuning the world out while trying to figure out in my painting-in-progress what *exact* color the chick's skin tone was. Anywho, since I'd driven our only vehicle to the studio, I was more than a bit surprised to see him, but he is the love of my life and had arrived to take my Boston Lee Booze Order since he & Bert were on their way to get video games and such to entertain them for the night. The niceties of taking care of this fine Holiday fades as Jay mentions that they *were* going to just leave Bert's car and take ours, leading to my mass parking-lot confusion when my class was finished. I'm not sure if you got that, but regardless, they didn't play the prank, but planned it in full before backing out.

Must remember to drink muchy H20 before going to bed.



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