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03/12/2004: "Spring has sprung"

It's 9am and I'm not at work, nor have any plans to get there. I could kiss Lori for this feeling.

Lori is flying in from Calgary today to visit this groovy city over the weekend, and I'm trying to psychically control the rain clouds that are hanging pretty low over the city this morning. It was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful yesterday - the sun shining, no clouds, magnolia trees and cherry blossoms blooming, the scent of ocean air... (sigh).

I guess Lori will have the pleasure of truly experiencing the Vancouver rain. I guess it makes sense since, well, that's what it's really like for 7 months of the year. I hope she packed rain gear. Stupid weather channel - they are *still* claiming that there is a 0% chance of precipitation. Sure, it's going to just be *threatening* all day? Argh. I do hate to lug around an umbrella - especially since my choice is a nice compact BROKEN umbrella, or a gigantic cane-style monstrosity in rainbow colors to match our neighborhood.

Tragic - Sears Canada just called to ask how our microwave is. I mean, she also asked how I was, but she was very interested in our microwave because the warranty is about to expire. Which is ironic since we threw it out two months ago because it wouldn't work anymore. I laugh in the new microwave's general direction.

Off to the air-o-port-o. And y'all know how I ADORE the air-o-port. Wheee!


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