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04/15/2004: "4.5 weeks at home and counting..."

So, it's now been a month since the car accident, and here I am, still at home, still recovering. My sacroilial (or somethin' like that) joint is still wacked out which makes my butt burn, and my upper back is still sore as heck. I've made some great progress, but I'm at a bit of a physical plateau over the past week. I've been meeting with a great physiotherapist and she puts me through contortions a couple of times a week, and has assigned many daily exercises - I'm starting to believe that she's either a sadist, or a truly gifted healer. razz

So, I bond several times daily with a large shiny purple exercise ball. There are a couple exercises that I need to do when Jay is in the house because I keep sliding off the damn ball and landing on my head. I realized today that if I wear revealing clothing, the friction between skin and ball keeps me on it, but I'm terrified that a neighbor will somehow peek in and think it's something weirdly kinky. Hmmm... maybe I should recruit other invalids from physio or the aquatic centre and start a $$ website - "GirlsOnBalls.com".

The most disturbing thing about being at home and not being able to sit for very long is my ability to rip through a novel in three days when I'm not watching daytime television. I've stayed away from soap operas (so far), but I tune into the Starting Over house every day. I'm an addict.

Speaking of, it's just starting. Toodles!


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