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05/08/2006: "Super Fun Happy Joy!"

We leave for Athens in less than 5 weeks. Sweet jesus on a hockey stick! hehe

In other travelling news, we just got back from Vancouver on Saturday after spending a week in LotusLand. It was a fantastic drive both ways for the most part... the mountains are just so beautiful.

Driving highlight for this trip: Me hanging out of the car window screaming "DAMN YOU TO HELL, WOODLAND CREATURES!".

I don't normally hate wildlife. In fact, I try to be respecful of the critters we share the earth with (except for slugs but that's a WHOLE other story). On the so many times we've driven through the mountains, I've never photographed any of the wildlife that we see. Sometimes they're frolicking in a field, scrambling up a rock face, or hanging out on the side of the highway but no matter where they are, I've never captured them. Figuratively or photographically. We oooh and ahhh, but no photos. This time, we were leaving in the morning, and would have daylight and great weather for the entire trip and so I had the camera ready, ready to take their shiny photo. On this homecoming trip, we saw a record number of deer, elk, a moose, an assortment of birds, and my absolute favorite was a group of mountain sheep. As each would come into view, I was again reminded that my camera has an instant shutoff feature after 2 minutes, meaning that EVERY TIME I finally saw a lovely woodland creature (identifiable by hearts, butterlfies and flowers floating around them), the camera was OFF. By the time the camera was back on and ready, said woodland creatures would be gone.

Jason was laughing so hard at one point, that he actually stopped the car so I could attempt to get the damned camera on and take a photo of some deer (or to regain his breath - really, I don't think it was THAT funny but he was weeping at the humour of my stupid camera luck). There was much swearing on my part, he threatened to leave me on the side of the road, and in the end, the photo is very blurry and kinda off center and was taken LESS THAN 60 km FROM CALGARY.

Damn those woodland creatures.


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