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05/30/2006: "Artsy fartsy"

I had a great opportunity to volunteer and assist in a teen drawing class last night. It was an experiment to see if the instructor could use me to support her teaching plan and also help with one of the more challenged students. Success! The instructor and I had great chemistry considering we'd just met, and we were able to play off each other to the benefit of the students. cool eh? It was so successful for everyone that I now have a standing Monday evening date.

And it was a good thing she was teaching something I'm very familiar with so that I was actually helpful to the ladies & gents in the class: one point perspective

perspective (8k image)

One point perspective is what we experience when we look down a hallway or a busy street, take in a room, or look at a landscape that disappears into the distance. Like above, the architectural line for everything disappears into one point, often referred to as the "vanishing point". From that point radiates lines ("octogonals") that can guide us in drawing what we truly SEE (not what we think we see) in correct proportions. This mathematical method was created in the 13th century (or 14th depending on the source literature).

Here's some examples of one point perspective:

Two point perspective:

THREE point perspective:


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