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10/12/2005: "A long long 18 months it has been"

Welcome back to Blatherings after a very long 18 months! So much news to note: It's now October 2005, we now live in Calgary Alberta, winter is coming upon us quickly now causing great fear in our household, and the bird flew away while we were still in Vancouver. That was my reward for teaching it to fly onto my head on command - it overshot and went out the door and over the patio edge from 5 floors up. Good thing it's a temperate climate... I now dream that he's found a gang of pacific coast seagulls that also enjoy screaming at each other and don't mind that he's got a bright yellow head. The Cockatiel Shall Rule The Vancouver Night Skies!

Calgary isn't as bad as I originally thought it would be. I'll admit that I was quite depressed to move here since, although it is close to friends and family, it has rednecks and winter which are two things that I just don't like very much. Much to my happy surprise, the rednecks are few and far between on a normal day to day basis, and the winters are attacked by chinook winds. The temperature changes drastically from moment to moment when the chinook arrives - last winter, it actually changed from -4 to +20 overnight. Winter just ain't so bad when it's not a constant deep freeze!

It's time to head home and take care of this head cold in my brain. It's "going around" and somehow landed on me. I've been full of snot for 5 days now - but at least the fever broke last week. Geez, I'm just nonstop sexilicious!


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