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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I give up

Coming soon - Wordpress in this space. Until then, this part of the website is at wordpress, growing and recording until I get the server-version here. Eta? When I sober up.

I installed Greymatter as the blogging software and then after hordes of "VIAGRA NOW!" and "come casino play with cards how's auntie" crap in the comments after each post, I went ahead and disabled the comments. Which sucked because I liked the comments. They made me happy but then they had to go away. And then I really didn't like anything and had a little temper tantrum and stopped posting altogether for the most part, especially when compared to the long posts from days of yore. Yore being the year 2000.

Today, I have so much going on, but nowhere to really post to since this spot has become a serious pain in my hiney. So I'm switching to Wordpress until I can find something to install on this server that filters some of the spam. I'm not interested in viagra - my penis is just fine, thank you.

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Friday, October 6, 2006


Happy Turkey Weekend!

I finally finished the baby blanket that I'd started on Sept 19 (images on Flickr)

ZigZag Done 1
ZigZag Done 2

I've also started another one since I enjoyed making the first one so much. The new one is blues, greens, yellows, and white. I love heavy cotton multicolored yarn!

Blue Green ZigZag

Have a great few days...
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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Quick note so I remember for later:

PRESS RELEASE: Pirate Party Launches World's First Commercial Darknet
Inskrivet av Nyhetsgruppen

Today, the Swedish Pirate Party launched a new Internet service that lets anybody send and receive files and information over the Internet without fear of being monitored or logged. In technical terms, such a network is called a "darknet". The service allows people to use an untraceable address in the darknet, where they cannot be personally identified.

Those wild and crazy Privacy Lovin' Swedes.

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Monday, June 26, 2006

Home I think
Mood Now: stunned and bewildered

My coffee tastes very weak, and I'm craving beer. It's 8:30 am.

A couple of notes for today before I start doing hordes of laundry and head out for my daily 13 km walk, then to type out the 60 pages of scribe notes I took during our travels:

the Evil Eye - we often saw people crossing themselves repeatedly when we were around. I blame my Dad's blue eyes.

FILM - We caught this band during the musicday.gr festivities (we were at Klathmonos Square on 22 June). I love the lead singer's pipes.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

holy crap, we're in Athens

Greece is hot and beautiful. Did I mention hot? It was a "cool" 37 above yesterday, and it should be up to a more tolerable 35! We're all losing weight due to the immense amount of olive oil, fruit, and water consumption - and the sauna effect of being in this heat might have something to do with it. We'll have buns of steel when we're done because we walk and walk every day. The narrow road system is like dropped spagetti - it's an adventure!

carters_in_athens (35k image)

Mom is finding Greek Gods, and Dad sees beautiful women everywhere. We're losing our grasp on any language because there are people from all over the world in Athens and I can't tell accented English from Greek anymore. Oh well - pass the ouzo and OPA!

Photo link - we've been uploading photos to my brother's computer as backup, and you can also snoop on us!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Off To Greece!

I'm starting the jaunt to Athens on Wed. OPA! If I can, I'll post while I'm there. More likely, we'll be drunk on ouzo and singing in a ditch with World Cup fans even though Greece didn't make it.

greece (2k image)

Miss me, eh?
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Thursday, June 8, 2006

Quote of the Day

"I thought he was gay, but then I realized he was just French"


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