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01/02/2006: "The Holiday News"

Well, I spent the days before and during New Year's learning that, if Gatorade is the only think you can stomach for over two days when you have the flu, everything that comes out will be that color. Imagine my surprise since I'm a fan of BLUE. Yeah. That was special. crazy Last night I did finally had lots of solid food at Chianti's - Yvette & Jarrad have brilliant ideas, and most of the Calgary family met for a New Year's Day supper. My stomach is flopping thinking about food, so let's move on.

Pre-flu on Monday, we were back from Saskatoon where we spent Christmas with my side of the family. The brother, sister-in-law, niece, Mom & Dad are all still funny as heck, my cousin Monette The Cop dropped in with full lights and siren, Jay's stepsister Serena was able to come for Christmas supper, and we fed her turkey jerky, then I won everyone's money at poker (well, my Dad technically won the first night). It was faaaantastic, as my rambling should exude. You should be jealous. We even had matching pajamas and T-shirts. And Chinese food night. And Italian-Mexican-Canadian Night. And Steak & Crab Night. And (of course) Turkey Night. After Cadence was comfy with us (I can't believe she's TWO), she quite happily played stroller races with me, walking strollers with Jason, then we wore her foam numbers as hats. I love that imagination! She's such a great kid.

Part of the fantastic food part is Desiree's cooking, and now that she's selling Epicure, it was even yummier. She sent us home with a fantastic array of yumminess to experiment with. Oh so good...

The Bird now has it's own page. I've just posted an updated photo of The Bird now that's it's over 3 months past it's Hatchday - the little one's name is now Indy, the gender is still completely a mystery, and the behaviour is of course completely different from any bird we've ever known.

It's new trick is to make the sound of the coffee grinder for 15-20 minutes at pretty much any time of day for reasons we can't figure out. It happens when it's being petted (yes, this bird loves a neck tickle), or when it's eating, or when it's sitting with us, or when its playing, or when its unhappy. Jason almost started the year as a Bird Murderer. I'm sure we'll laugh about this later, right? RIGHT???

Indy was a good choice of name when we found that this feathered beast devours couscous while growling in ecstacy. It's disturbing to watch that orange cheeked post-coital face full of couscous, a far off dreamy look in its eyes.

On that note, I need another nap. My brain still hurts from an extended 100+ fever thingy. I might have hurt something valuable, but I'll just nap instead of pondering that.

Happy New Year!


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